Our transportation appetite consists of the following:  Commercial Auto, Trucking for Hire, Dump Trucks, Contractors Trucks, Shuttles/Buses, Towing, Cargo, Livery and Garage. Availability is contingent upon each state. Check out our New Commercial Auto Application and supplemental Garage, Liability, and Property Applications.


Protect the fleet. Protect the business. Transportation vehicles are the backbone of your insured’s business. Whether their business is busing, towing, trucking, or just hauling tools or goods, your client needs to feel con dent their vehicles, drivers, and goods

New Remodeler Program

All Things contractors! Yep we’ve scored again. We now are rolling out a new contractor program on A paper for remodeler contractors. There is more information on the Contractor page but here is the skinny: We took 25 contractor codes


Shield Pro is proud to announce our NEW homeowner program. Homes, Vacants, Rentals, Jewelry Floaters!!! We just finished up getting approval for 6 states inside our binding authority. We soft launched the states to test the system and got great reviews and

More Coastal Agg!

You asked and we had to respond! We have secured more aggregate along the coast to include FL and TX. We can handle primary limits or the full risk depending on the size of your submission. We see submissions that